Shakespeare was purportedly born on April 23, 1564 – St Georgeʼs Day. This was also the date on which he is known to have died in 1616. 450+ years on from his birth, The Bardʼs Night is a celebration of the man, his life and his words on, or as close as possible to, England’s National Day.



The planned menu is a modern take on “Elizabethan”, with interestingly influences that are both international – (such as Malmsey, Rhenish wine, wines from the Languedoc were favourites of Elizabeth I, apricots, pomegranates) – and national, with very English ingredients locally sourced (medlars, damsons, honey, vegetables and meat from local farmers), or if syllabub is served, for instance, it uses wine from the counties in England). The co-ordinating catering company will be responsible for developing a suitable menu and delivering it across 10 venues around England.



The setting for The Bard’s Night will be in banqueting format for 200-400 guests at tables of 8 or 10 in the chosen venues. Use of town halls or civic centres is proposed. The spaces will be dressed with hanging fabric banners, backdrop panels, back projected images, with a 7m x 5m stage for performances, with other action taking place among the audience for dramatic interruptions.

Awards lunch and ceremony: November 17

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