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Fred Theatre

Fred Theatre was established in 2012 by artistic director Robert F. Ball.

Since then a range of midlands-based talent has been brought together across more than a dozen productions.  

Fred seeks out the very best actors, designers, and writers to deliver high quality professional theatre—often in non-traditional theatre spaces

Fred’s mission is summed up as: Classic drama, contemporary theatre. The company looks for new ways to re-tell familiar stories, and to bring the very best in new writing to the stage.

And the name? Well, it’s just that… a name! But Fred sounds friendly, welcoming, a name you will remember and come to trust will provide you with great theatre.

Contact Fred

If you would like to know more about Fred the best way is to e-mail the company: admin [at] fred-theatre [dot] co [dot] uk



Diabolus in Musica

Diabolus in Musica is a merry band of professional minstrels who provide a truly authentic flavour of Elizabethan England. Their music, instruments and costumes are all accurately researched, and they play music that's an instant hit with most audiences.

Using 16th century improvisation techniques to keep the music fresh, every performance is different, and the tempo, style and instrumentation change regularly. No-one gets bored when Diabolus in Musica is playing.

Above all, the group makes early music fun. So, if you're looking for a themed concert, talk to Diabolus in Musica.


Bukechi Duo

Sammi Roberts and Steve Skidmore (Sammi & Skidders) perform regularly in and around Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwickshire. Steve Skidmore also performs solo or with other bands.The duo's name means ‘you’re welcome’ in Mandarin Chinese and this friendly mindset is reflected in this musical partnership.

Listen to "Joni Knows" by Bukechi

For more information on Bukechi’s music and gigs log on to their website, myspace, facebook or to Steve Skidmore's website.