The audience will consist largely of people interested in the life and work of William Shakespeare. Performances will appeal to young and old alike and the organisers hope and plan to attract attendees from across each of the regional areas as well as the rest of the UK and inbound tourists from the USA, Canada, Japan and Russia. The pilot Bard’s Night proved to be a happy occasion, enjoyed by a broad, interested audience, ranging from teenagers to retirees. It is this template that will be re-employed for the multi-centre national event.

Being there

Anyone interested in Shakespeare will want to be a part of this new and unique celebration. Tickets will be available from November 1, each year. Tickets include reception drinks and entertainment, a three-course dinner, performances by professional actors, dancers and musicians, rounded off with the procession of the Methuen Shakespeare bust and the toast to William Shakespeare. Tickets may be purchased direct from, or from the nominated online booking system, or in person at the box office at each location (if there is one).

Ticket prices

There are four price points for this special occasion. They are for individual tickets or tables. Please note that there are only 4-6 Gold tables available at each venue, depending on the size of venue, closest to the stage or performance areas. Gold table hosts and their partners will be invited to join the procession of the Methuen bust:

Silver individual: £ 180.00 + VAT

Silver table of 10 guests: £ 1,800.00 + VAT 

Gold individual: £ 280.00 + VAT  

Gold table of 10 guests: £ 2,800.00 + VAT (only 4-6 Gold tables at each venue)